Furnace Repair: 3 Common Furnace Problems And How To Fix Them

It is one thing for your favorite team to lose. It is a whole different problem if you wake up cold in the middle of the night. The furnace is one of the most overlooked components of a house, but its role in winter is unparalleled. Because of this, you should always carry out regular inspections to look for any potential threats and deal with them before it is too late.

This brief outlines some of the common furnace problems and provides a solution for each of them.

The Furnace Isn't Producing Any Heat

Several reasons could be the cause of this problem. The first thing to do once you notice no heat is emanating from your furnace is to confirm that the thermostat is set to "Heat." Afterward, move the dial upwards or downwards to see if you notice any changes. If no difference is felt, check if a fuse or circuit breaker was blown.

To test home breakers, head to the home's breaker panel and search for the circuit controlling your furnace. See whether it is in the middle or "Off" position. Test the breaker by manually flipping it back and forth and making sure it always stays in the "On" position.

The Furnace Isn't Producing Enough Heat

With time, you may notice that your furnace isn't working as it used to. It may start producing less heat than before. You can place your hands in front of the air vents and feel the volume of air passing over them to notice this difference.

The leading cause of a poorly functioning furnace is an equally malfunctioning filter. For this reason, it would help if you kept your filter clean and in excellent working condition. One thing you can do to ensure this is by carrying out regular maintenance. During maintenance chores, the clogged filter is cleaned and put back into place. If you notice your filter has worn out, be sure to replace it. Filters purify the air headed to and from the furnace. Therefore, a dirty and clogged filter means limited airflow that results in a buildup of heat and pressure in the furnace.

The Furnace Is Noisy

It isn't uncommon for furnaces to operate noisily. You are likely to hear clicks every time the thermostat attains a specific temperature. It then signals the furnace, and as the air traverses the ductwork, you might hear a "whooshing" noise.

Other problems you could encounter with your furnace include leakages and stoppages. While some of them require simple DIYing, others will require you to call in the services of a furnace repair technician.