Air Conditioning Questions You May Have Wondered

There are many homeowners that may not have a good understanding of their air conditioning systems. While it is important to learn about this critical appliance, it is also among the more complicated mechanical systems that your home may use.

Does Your Air Conditioner's Refrigerant Degrade Over Time?

The refrigerant that circulates through the coils in the air conditioning unit will be responsible for absorbing heat from the heat so that it can be cooled. Homeowners may find that their air conditioning system is not cooling as effectively, and this can lead them to assume that the refrigerant is needing to be replaced. In reality, this fluid will typically not need to be replaced, but a leak can cause it to get low enough to impact the performance of the air conditioning unit. Depending on the source of the leak, it may be possible to patch it without replacing coils or other major components that could prove far more costly.

What Causes The Air Conditioning Unit To Freeze Over?

An air conditioning unit that has frozen over will be unable to cool your home's interior as the heat exchange process will stop. As an added issue, this problem can cause extensive damage to the unit if it is not turned off until the ice fully melts. In many instances, dirty coils can allow this problem to occur by trapping condensation that may collect on these pipes until it freezes. Once this process occurs, the ice can rapidly grow to be extremely thick. Thoroughly cleaning your system should be done before you run it again after the ice melts. Otherwise, you will likely encounter this problem again almost as soon as the air conditioning unit is turned back on.

What Can Be The Source Of Intense Vibrations From The AC Unit?

A large air conditioning unit will always be somewhat loud and generate a fair amount of vibrations. However, you may notice that the noise and vibrations from your system can suddenly increase by a substantial amount. This may indicate that the blower is experiencing a problem that may cause it to rattle and generate more intense vibrations. Regardless of the cause of this problem, a professional inspection will be needed to assess the source of the problem as well as the potential repairs that are needed. Regular maintenance can help to avoid these problems as the blower will be evaluated as part of a professional maintenance service, which can involve lubricating and aligning the moving components.

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