4 Air Conditioning Repairs You Can Handle On Your Own

If you have an air conditioning system, sometimes it will need repairs. It is essential to know how to fix common issues that your air conditioner may experience on your own. Here are a few air conditioning system repairs that you can handle. 

Unit Doesn't Turn On

If your air conditioning unit won't turn on, the first thing you need to check is your breakers. If your system does not turn on, you should ensure that the breaker has not been clipped if it has turned back on.

Check the Thermostat

If your air conditioning unit is not cooling your house down, your thermostat is the first thing you should check. You may have your thermostat set to the fan instead of to the cool function.  Your thermostat may be turned up too high to trigger your air conditioner to turn on. If your unit is not hardwired and your thermostat depends on batteries, you may need to purchase new batteries for your thermostat—check in on your thermostat before deciding that your air conditioner isn't keeping your house cool.

Change the Filter

 If your air conditioning unit doesn't seem to be operating as well as it should, check your air filter. Your air filter helps to keep dirt and debris out of your system. It will get dirty and clogged up over time as it does its job. This can result in a lack of air flow and cause your unit not to operate as effectively as it should. This can be solved by simply checking the air filter regularly and cleaning and replacing it when it starts to get clogged.

Melt the Ice

If you notice that there is ice on your unit, you will want to melt that ice. Ice prevents your unit from operating properly. It sometimes gets iced up when you have a clogged air filter. It is easy to melt the ice if you have ice on your unit after changing a clogged filter. Turn your air conditioning system off and allow the fan to run. Just running the fan will melt the ice. Or you can simply turn off your unit for a few hours and allow the ice to melt on its own.

In the four above situations, you can troubleshoot the problem on your own before calling in a professional. Sometimes the answer to your air conditioning problems is simple and something you can handle on your own. Other times a professional is required to fix your air conditioning system. You can troubleshoot what is happening on your own, then time to put in a call to a trusted air conditioning professional to come out and repair your machine.