Is Your AC Unit Running Continuously Without Shutting Down? Here Is What You Need To Do

A perfectly running AC unit is what every homeowner needs during the hot seasons. However, it can become stressful when the unit doesn't stop running. If you do not find a solution to this problem, the unit will use a lot of energy, increasing your electricity bills. For this reason, below are some tips to help you solve the problem. 

Check the Condensing Unit 

Your AC unit has a set of condenser coils that help disperse heat. If the coils are dirty or clogged, they fail to deliver this function efficiently. And to compensate for this role, your AC unit will need to work harder to cool your home down to your desired temperature, running longer than usual. Therefore, if your AC won't stop running, the condenser coils could be dirty and may need immediate cleaning.

Make Use of the Fan Limit Switch

In most cases, AC units have a fan limit switch that controls how the fan runs. It ensures that the fan can still run independently regardless of your AC settings. However, there could be instances where a manual override can lead to the fan running on its own. The solution to this problem is to switch it from manual to auto, allowing it to run only when it's needed. 

It would help if you also understood that a faulty fan switch might not allow changing the settings from manual to auto or vice versa. With such a problem, it becomes difficult to stop the fan from running, which in turn consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, if you encounter such issues, contact a qualified AC repair technician to inspect and repair or replace the switch. 

Check the Thermostat 

Your thermostat could also be the reason behind your AC running continuously. Usually, the thermostat automatically turns on your AC, depending on the settings. Therefore, if you set it incorrectly, your AC may run longer than necessary. To correct this, you can set your thermostat just above room temperature. Your AC should stop running after this, but if this fails to work, then the thermostat may not be the problem. Consider hiring an AC repair technician to inspect the unit for other potential problems and fix them.  

An AC that won't stop running usually indicates an underlying problem. Therefore, routine maintenance of the switches, fan, thermostat, air condenser, air filters, and other crucial parts of your AC is the best way to keep the problem from recurring.

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