The Different Heating Maintenance Service That Boilers And Furnaces Need Every Year

As the temperatures start to drop outside, it is time to start thinking about the heating maintenance that needs to be done to keep your home warm this year. With both boilers and furnaces, there are specific maintenance tasks that need to be done to prepare them for a long cold winter. Here are some of the different maintenance tasks that you are going to need done for boilers and furnaces: [Read More]

Water Heater Safety: How to Prevent a Fire Hazard

When you think of things in your home likely to cause a fire, chances are a water heater does not typically come to mind. However, if you do not care for your water heater through proper maintenance, it can lead to a fire. Here are some things to you can do to prevent a fire caused by a water heater:  Have Your Water Heater Checked Annually One part of home maintenance many people do not think about is having the water heater checked. [Read More]

A Few Simple Hacks To Keep Your Warm And Reduce Energy Costs This Winter

With the cold winter months on their way, you will want to stay warm until spring arrives. You will probably also want to spend less staying warm. With some simple hacks like building a DIY ceramic heater or a cooking oil burner for a wood stove, you can heat your home for less, but will probably still need the furnace. Here are some heating hacks to help you stay warm and reduce energy costs and wear on your HVAC: [Read More]