Water Heater Safety: How to Prevent a Fire Hazard

When you think of things in your home likely to cause a fire, chances are a water heater does not typically come to mind. However, if you do not care for your water heater through proper maintenance, it can lead to a fire. Here are some things to you can do to prevent a fire caused by a water heater:  Have Your Water Heater Checked Annually One part of home maintenance many people do not think about is having the water heater checked. [Read More]

A Few Simple Hacks To Keep Your Warm And Reduce Energy Costs This Winter

With the cold winter months on their way, you will want to stay warm until spring arrives. You will probably also want to spend less staying warm. With some simple hacks like building a DIY ceramic heater or a cooking oil burner for a wood stove, you can heat your home for less, but will probably still need the furnace. Here are some heating hacks to help you stay warm and reduce energy costs and wear on your HVAC: [Read More]

3 Things You Should Be Watching For In Your Heater To Make Sure It Is Working Properly

Nearly every home has central heating in it. This is by far the best way to heat your home and keep it feeling nice throughout the winter. However, just because you had central heating put in when the house was built, doesn't mean that you are done. A heating system requires a good deal of care and maintenance. Here are some things you should be doing with your heater to make sure it stays in good condition. [Read More]

5 Factors That Can Raise Your Heating Bills

Like many other homeowners, you probably dread receiving your heating bills in the winter. Running your furnace all day throughout the winter months can definitely be expensive. However, if you change some of your daily habits, it is possible to reduce your heating bills. Here are five factors that can raise your heating bills: Leaving Your Windows Uncovered Plenty of warm air can escape out of your windows during the winter  season, especially if they are not insulated very well. [Read More]