That's Not Good: 4 Signs Your Heater Needs Immediate Repairs

If you're worried about your heater, you may be looking for signs of trouble. Some of those signs include hot or cold spots in your home, condensation on the windows, or rotten egg odors. But, there are other signs that you might not be aware of. Take a look at the issues described below. If you've encountered any of them, contact a heater repair technician as soon as possible.  Rust on Heater Flue [Read More]

Repair Or Replace: What To Do With Your Furnace

Buying a new furnace for your home can be a significant investment. On average, a brand-new furnace can run you anywhere from $2250-$3800, but that price goes up even higher if you're opting for a geothermal heat pump or another system that is more elaborate. Still, considering that the cost of furnace repairs can be at least a few hundred dollars every single time you call a technician, it's worth considering whether or not you should just replace the unit altogether instead of having it fixed. [Read More]

4 Important Signs You Air Condition System Needs Professional Repair

Your air conditioning system is complex and requires advanced knowledge to fix when it malfunctions. It is essential to know when your AC signs are giving you signals that it needs a professional touch. 1. Strange Smells When you use your air conditioner for the first time after it has sat dormant for months, it may smell a little dusty or even a little musty as it fires up again. However, when you have been using your AC regularly, it should not smell funny. [Read More]

2 Things To Think About When Replacing Your Air Conditioner

When your cooling system has gotten through the summer, it may be time for you to think about next year's summer. If your air conditioner has had issues and not kept your house as cool as you would like, this can be a good time to look at replacing it. That way, when the new cooling season comes, all you have to do is to turn on the AC and you have the nice cool air that you are looking for. [Read More]