Should You Use A Ground-Source Heat Pump In Your Home?

Furnace efficiency should be your primary concern when installing a heating system in your home. Your installation cost is a one time expense if you can afford to pay for your system in one shot. Even if you have to finance your furnace, you should not necessarily ignore expensive options like a ground-source heat pump. With the right design, a heat pump can allow you to eliminate operating costs, which will help you to save money in the long run. Thus, when you design a new home, you should take a good hard look at heat pumps.

What Is a Ground-Source Heat Pump?

A ground-source heat pump will have one set of coils buried under the ground on the outside of your home. Burying the coils is important because it allows you to tap into the moderate, consistent temperatures under the ground. Heat pumps will be most efficient when they operate in temperatures around 50-60%, and as it happens, the temperature of the earth at a depth of 5-10 feet is around 50 degrees. Tapping into these underground temperatures allows a ground-source heat pump to reach up to 600% efficiency. This makes them, the most efficient option for both heating and cooling a home. 

How Do You Eliminate Operating Costs with a Heat Pump?

The more efficient your system is, the less you have to pay to condition the air in your home. As long as your finance costs are not more than the amount of money you save by operating an efficient heat pump, you will free up money in your budget. Because a ground-source heat pump from a company like Weather Crafters Limited runs on electricity, you can install a set of solar panels, and or a wind turbine to generate the electricity that your heat pump takes to operate. In this way, you can entirely eliminate the cost of heating and cooling your home. And because heating and cooling are two of the biggest expenses a homeowner has to contend with, getting rid of them will free up a lot of money in your budget. 

Deciding how to heat and cool your home can have a huge impact on your budget. You should not just think about installation costs. Instead, you should think of how much money you can save on your monthly operating costs byinstalling the most efficient system you can afford. While ground-source heat pumps come with a high initial cost, you will save money over the long run, so they can still make a good choice for your home.