How to Troubleshoot the 2 Most Common Problems of Residential Central AC Systems

If your home's central air conditioning system is not functioning correctly, then here is some information about the two most common residential central air conditioning system problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Problem 1: Your Home's Central Air Conditioning System Won't Turn On

If you adjust the thermostat so that your home's air conditioning should come on and yet nothing happens, then your AC system is not getting any power. This problem is typically caused by a flipped breaker in your home's main power panel.

To troubleshoot this problem, go to your home's power panel and locate the breaker that is labeled for your HVAC system. Check to make sure that the breaker has not been tripped by a power fluctuation. If the breaker has flipped, then simply flipping it back should engage your HVAC system.

If the breaker has not flipped, then you will need to contact a professional HVAC contractor such as Dale's Heating & Appliance to determine the cause of the problem because it is somewhere inside one of the system's components.

Problem 2: Your Home's AC System Turns On But Doesn't Blow Out Cold Air

If you turn on your home's air conditioner and it blows out warm air, then your air conditioner may have a failed cooling coil. Coil leaks are a common problem due to the formic acid formed from the condensation within the air conditioner. Over time, the acid eats small holes in the coil and will cause it to leak freon. When this happens, your air conditioner will run but the air will not be cold. The only fix for this problem is to replace the leaking coil.

To troubleshoot this problem, look on the ground around your home's air conditioner unit for leaking water. If you find any water, then you need to call a professional to open up the unit and determine the cause. If the coil is the root cause of the problem, you cannot replace it yourself because it is not safe and requires a professional.

Now that you understand how to troubleshoot the most common residential air conditioning problems, you should be able to resolve any simple issues that your system may have. However, if you have additional issues with your central HVAC system, then you should contact a licensed HVAC contractor in your local city or town to make an appointment to have your system serviced.