3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Isn't Doing Its Job

You may notice times when your air conditioner seems to be less effective although it is producing cool air. There are several reasons your air conditioner may not be doing an effective job.

It's Time For An Upgrade

Since weather patterns change each year, you may notice your air conditioner is not handling this year's heat waves. Although this may be a sign of an aging system, you may simply need to upgrade to a more powerful unit that is better at cooling your home. Additionally, if you live an environment that is humid, your new air conditioner will need to be effective at reducing humidity inside, otherwise you will continue to feel hot. When you choose to upgrade, this is the time to discuss a whole-home dehumidification system if you live in a humid environment, which can be more effective than exclusively relying on your AC to do the job.

Your Vents Are Too Small

This problem is more noticeable if you recently moved into your home and it seems like the air conditioner is running all day, but there are only certain areas in the home that stay cool. These areas tend to be smaller and might be confined, such as a bathroom. If the larger areas in your home, such as bedrooms and the living room, do not cool down quickly or become hot rapidly during the hottest part of the day, take a look at the vents. Some vents, such as those in the hallway or bathroom, may only be a foot long and quite narrow. This same size is impractical for larger rooms in your house and can make it difficult to cool them. If you notice this problem, you will likely need to speak with someone to see if you can have larger vents installed where they are appropriate.

Clogged Vents And Ducts

Dust and debris can easily find its way into ductwork and vents. Floor vents are especially prone to this problem. Visit each vent in your home and feel if there is adequate cool air coming from them. If you notice an airflow problem, try using a vacuum attachment to suction out any debris and dust you find. When vacuuming does not help and the problem is only located in a single vent, the blockage is probably too deep to reach and will require professional assistance. During routine maintenance of your HVAC system, your technician should perform the necessary checks of the ductwork to determine if the air is flowing smoothly through them, but there can be instances where there is a sudden blockage, such as an animal finding its way into the ductwork.

The effectiveness of your air conditioning system can seem to change at a moment's notice. Sometimes a new system is not always the answer. Paying attention to the ductwork and air vents may remedy some of your air conditioning problems. For more information, contact air conditioning services in your area.