Here's Why You Should Consider Installing A Whole-House Humidifier

As a homeowner, you likely rely on your heating and cooling system to keep your family comfortable and safe from extreme weather conditions throughout the year. But if you don't already own a whole-house humidifier there are a variety of benefits you are likely missing out on. Here are just a few good reasons to consider having your HVAC contractor install a whole-house humidifier in your home.

Reduce the Risk of Damage Development

If your home gets too dry at any point throughout the year, it could lead to cracked hardwood floors and other types of wood damage as the wood dries out. Your home's air needs to have some moisture in it so it can help lubricate your home's walls, floors, and ceilings so they never become brittle and susceptible to damage in the first place. By having a whole-house humidifier installed you can ensure that your indoor air never gets too dry as time goes on, which can save you some money on house maintenance and repairs.

Improve Your Household's Overall Health

Another good reason to consider having a whole-house humidifier installed in your home is to help improve your family's health overall. Instead of having to deal with dry noses, scratchy throats, cracked skin, and even asthma symptoms in dry household air, your humidifier will allow your family to enjoy supple skin and healthy throats when spending a lot of time indoors.

Optimize Indoor Comfort Levels

When it's hot and dry outside, turning your whole-house humidifier on will help make everyone in the household feel more comfortable while they're inside. When it's extra cold outside, the humidity in your home will make the air feel warmer so you don't have to keep turning your heater up. And the extra humidity will keep static electricity levels down so your family doesn't have to deal with getting shocked while moving around the house.

Increase Your Home's Value

While the whole-house humidifier may or may not increase the monetary value your home as time goes on, you can be sure that its perceived value will increase. If you decide to sell your home at some point in the future, prospective buyers will be more likely to choose your home over similar options on the market because it's equipped with a convenient humidifier. And if you choose to rent your home out, potential tenants will likely be willing to pay more for rent on a monthly basis in exchange for access to your humidifier.

Contact your HVAC contractor today to learn more about the home humidifiers that are available to you and to schedule an installation appointment.