Have an HVAC Contractor Check Out AC Mold Growth

Mold growth doesn't only occur in bathrooms or basements. Anywhere dampness provides an environment for the spores to grow, mold infestations might occur. Locations could even include the inside of an air-conditioning system. Mold might not remain in one area, either. The growth could potentially spread through the ducts and various HVAC system components. Health concerns alone should move homeowners to call a professional HVAC service when mold appears. No matter where mold shows up, consider its presence to be an emergency. Remember, the infestation might be more significant than the homeowner realizes. Therefore, don't delay calling a professional to deal with mold.

Thoroughness and DIY Risks

Homeowners who attempt to clean out mold from their air-conditioning system take risks. The first risk entails a lack of thoroughness. The homeowner might find it impossible to remove all the mold from the air conditioner or the ducts. Spraying bleach on vents or areas close to the vents doesn't necessarily eliminate all the mold. Mold may grow on various components inside the air-conditioning system. Mold may exist deep inside the ducts, too. A professional technician would likely be able to perform a more thorough cleaning. Possessing the necessary equipment to handle such a job helps the cause.

Leftover Mold Might Grow

The other safety component involves the effects of leaving mold traces behind. Not cleaning all the mold out creates the potential for spores to spread through the home. Even a small amount of mold may grow. And a minute amount could end up airborne. A thorough cleaning, one performed by someone wearing the proper safety equipment, might be the only reliable option. Cleaning mold without the right equipment also presents safety risks. Inhaling mold comes with possible hazards. 

More Than Mold Troubles

If one thing could be wrong with the AC, logic dictates there might be other issues. Sometimes, the problems are not even related to one another. Problems with the fan motor may not directly connect to the cause of mold, but maybe there is something wrong with the motor. Why not let the technicians check everything out while dealing with the mold? When working on anything mechanical, repair work also provides an opportunity for a full inspection. The inspection might uncover mechanical or other issues requiring a fix. The fix might even be overdue, so consider this discover as a nudge to examine the entire system.

Contact residential AC contractors to learn more about addressing mold growth.