4 Important Signs You Air Condition System Needs Professional Repair

Your air conditioning system is complex and requires advanced knowledge to fix when it malfunctions. It is essential to know when your AC signs are giving you signals that it needs a professional touch.

1. Strange Smells

When you use your air conditioner for the first time after it has sat dormant for months, it may smell a little dusty or even a little musty as it fires up again. However, when you have been using your AC regularly, it should not smell funny.

If you notice that your system has a metallic smell, that may be an indication that your electrical wires are damaged. If you notice this smell, you should turn off the AC and call up an emergency repair person. You should never operate your AC if you suspect it is experiencing electrical issues.

If you notice a musty smell from your AC, you may have mold growing somewhere in the system. You may need to change out the condensation pan, or you may need to clear the air ducts. A trained technician will find the mold and help stop its spread.

2. Poor Airflow

The air that comes out of your vents should be strong and the strength of the airflow should not vary. If the airflow's strength is down in a particular room, the ducts to that room may need repair. If the airflow strength is down throughout your entire home, then your air compressor may be failing.

3. Tripping Breaker

When your AC system turns on, the breaker that provides it with power shouldn't trip. If the power breaker is tripping every time the system comes on, there may be something wrong with your system that is causing it to draw more power than it should. There may be something wrong with the installation of the system or the connections within the equipment. This is an issue you will want to fix right away.

4. Frequent Cycling

If your air conditioning system is quickly turning on and off before your home is actually cool, you are experiencing what is known as short cycling. This is usually related to an electrical issue with your system if it has been in place for a while.

If your AC system smells strong, has poor airflow, is tripping your electrical breaker, or is frequently cycling on and off, you should call a 24/7 AC repair company to come out and fix your unit as soon as possible, so you can safely use your AC again. Contact a 24/7 AC repair service for more information.