5 Surprising Causes Of Water Leaks In Your Home

Water leaks are among the most burdensome issues a homeowner can face. Sometimes homeowners have an idea of the area where the leak is located. However, it also possible to suspect a leak is present but not have a clue where it is located. Plumbers can use special technology to detect leaks. A water leak can appear seemingly suddenly and wreak havoc if a homeowner is unaware a leak exists. The following points represent common causes of water leaks.

Tree Roots

Anyone who has trees growing near their homes needs to be mindful of tree roots. The roots can gravitate towards pipes underground and grow inside of the pipes. The inevitable will happen. If the issue is not addressed in a timely manner, the tree roots will cause pipes to break. 

High Water Pressure

Excess pressure can usually be noticed when using water in the home. The water might exit faucets and showerheads with force. Pipes are negatively impacted by high water pressure and eventually, the pressure can lead to pipes bursting. High water pressure is an issue that needs to get referred to a plumber. Adjustments can be made to normalize water pressure.

Drain Clogs

Recurring clogs are a sign that a clog is likely deep within the drainage system. These clogs require professional drain cleaning. If they are not cleared, they get worse and eventually can cause pipes to crack. Since the clogs are located deep in the drain lines, the leaks may go undetected without a plumbing inspection.

Loose Appliance Connections

Any of your appliances that use water can be a source of water leaks. You might notice puddles around the affected appliances. Refrigerators, washing machines, and water heaters are examples of appliances that might be sources of water leaks.

Temperature Fluctuations

Rapid contracting and expansion of pipes can cause them to burst. This is what happens when the temperature inside of pipes fluctuates rapidly. Hot water causes expansion, and cold water causes pipes to contract. Eventually, the process can lead to the deterioration of pipes and make them prone to bursting. One way to minimize the impact of the fluctuations is to adjust the temperature on your water heater if it is at its highest setting.

A plumber is the best resource to use if you suspect a leak. They can perform plumbing inspections to locate water leaks and make plumbing repairs. Plumbing inspections are necessary for suspected water leaks because some properties may have more than one leak present.