3 Main Reasons To Prioritize Air Conditioning Maintenance

Many people rarely pay attention to their home's air conditioning system until it fails. By this time, you might be stuck in a high humidity environment waiting until the AC unit is fixed. However, regular air conditioning maintenance can prevent such an unanticipated inconvenience.

Here are three main reasons why air conditioning maintenance is worth it.

It Helps Boost Your AC Performance

Air conditioning maintenance is one way to extend its lifespan and make it more efficient. For instance, the unit's filters are prone to debris and dirt buildup. As such, they need to be regularly cleaned or replaced depending on what your AC technician finds.

Furthermore, the AC's drain line is prone to clogging since it continuously collects moisture. You need to clean it by flushing a small amount of bleach and water mixture. However, contact a professional to help out if you cannot locate the drain line.

Lack of regular maintenance can lead to many problems, such as reduced airflow, lower indoor air quality, leaky ductwork, a noisy AC unit, or significant damage to the AC's mechanical and electrical components.

Improves Your Unit's Energy Efficiency

Air conditioning maintenance is vital to ensure your unit stays energy-efficient. In other words, your unit will consume more energy if some components, such as coils, filters, and fins, don't function efficiently. Without routine care, you'll see a steady decline in the system's performance, which leads to higher energy consumption.

Think about air conditioning filters, for instance. When they are clogged and dirty, there is often a significant reduction in the amount of air that flows through the system. This problem will, in turn, reduce the unit's efficiency. Due to the obstruction, air can bypass the filter, deposit dirt and dust directly into the evaporator coil, and impair its heat-absorbing capacity.

It Prevents Breakdown and Frequent Repairs

Preventive maintenance is an effective way to prevent breakdown and recurrent repair issues. During a routine visit, your AC expert will inspect electrical and wiring components to find or fix worn wires and loose connections. 

The technician will also identify other worn parts like the belt or pully and replace them before they cause your AC unit to shut down. Furthermore, they can check if evaporator coils are coated with grime and clean them to ensure the compressor and fan motor don't fail.

Additionally, routine air conditioning maintenance helps identify faulty or improperly set controls. Your AC expert will check the thermostat and all other controls to ensure that the time functions are set properly, batteries are fully charged, and correct temperatures are maintained.

Routine air conditioning maintenance ensures the system is ready to make your summers cooler and winters warmer. More importantly, it saves you money on energy bills, prevents unexpected breakdowns, and avoids expensive repairs. However, you should contact a professional to ensure the job is done right the first time and help you set future maintenance plans.