4 Guiding Tips To Help You When Installing Your Furnace

If it is time to install a furnace in your home, the variety of options on the market can leave you confused. Moreover, inadequate knowledge regarding furnaces can lead you to buy the wrong unit that may deliver below-standard results. Since you require your furnace to be in great condition, especially during the chilly winter, you should consult a heating expert to guide you in choosing and installing a new system. The following are tips to guide you in installing a furnace.

It Should Be Properly Sized 

A properly sized furnace will have adequate heating capacity to heat your home. For instance, an undersized unit has a low British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating and will not heat your home sufficiently. If you're unsure of the right-sized heating unit to purchase, it is advisable to engage an HVAC specialist. They will help you select the right size by calculating your home's square footage to establish the most BTU rating.

It Should Be Installed at an Appropriate Location

Choosing the position for your furnace depends on its type. This is because every furnace has installation specifications, such as adequate room for drainage and ventilation. Before installation, you should thoroughly clean the site to mount the unit. Also, it should be a few inches above the ground to protect it against flooding. It is imperative that your furnace technician installs the right kind of furnace as per its specifications to ensure maximum efficiency.

It Should Be Energy Efficient

Lack of proper maintenance and wrong usage of your furnace can hinder the system's efficiency. The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating measures the usable heat used per unit of fuel consumed in a year. This rating helps you compare the different furnace types and models. You should consult a furnace installer in the prepurchase decision process to help select a furnace with a high AFUE rating.

It Should Be Installed by a Professional

If an unskilled person installs your furnace, the unit might become less efficient and unsafe to operate. Moreover, improper installation can lead to the system's malfunction, costly repairs, and sudden breakdowns. Not only do professional installers ensure that all the parts are ready before installation, but they also have the equipment to safely and conveniently mount your furnace. Additionally, they will assess your unit prior to installation and make the necessary adjustments where necessary.

Failure to undertake thorough research regarding your furnace can translate into costly mistakes. Therefore, you should hire a heating expert to help you select the right furnace and install it expertly for maximum efficiency and performance.

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