Important Steps Involved In Ductless Heating Servicing

A ductless heating system may not have ducts to worry about, but you still need to have the system serviced by a professional regularly. That might be at least once a year or as often as the manufacturer of the equipment recommends. Here are some important maintenance steps a ductless heating system needs.

Clean The Blowers

The maintenance technician needs to clean each individual blower in your home. This involves taking off the removable parts of the plastic housing and then wrapping the blowers in plastic so the equipment can be rinsed without water getting on your walls or floor.

The fins on the evaporator coil, refrigerant coil, plastic blower housing, and blower should be cleaned to get rid of dust, grime, and mold. The appropriate cleaners need to be used to kill mold if it's present. The technician also needs to clean the condensation pan and drain line. They might treat it with biocide to prevent the growth of algae and mold in the drain that could cause it to clog.

Clean The Condenser

Ductless heating servicing includes cleaning the condenser to make sure it is free from leaves, grass clippings, and mice nests. While cleaning it, the technician can look for damage to electrical wiring and components so repairs can be made if needed.

The technician may rinse out the condenser and scrub the condenser coil. They might also need to clean the fins and straighten bent ones so there is plenty of air circulation.

Check The Heat Pump Parts

The refrigerant line is an important part to check since refrigerant is needed for heating your home in the winter. If it's leaking, the leak needs to be fixed so the refrigerant can be filled. The technician may also check the reversing valve. The reversing valve switches the system from heating to cooling occasionally so heat flows over the condenser to thaw out ice and frost. Then the valve switches back to blow heat in your home.

The technician may also check other parts, such as the control board, fan motor, and compressor to make sure everything is working properly and ready for the winter season to begin.

The technician will probably check the filter to make sure it's in good shape and remind you of the importance of checking and cleaning the filter throughout the winter. They might also want you to keep an eye on the condenser outside to make sure it doesn't get covered and blocked by autumn leaves or snow that could restrict airflow and cause a breakdown. 

For more information about ductless heating maintenance, contact a local company.