Benefits of Having Electric Water Heaters in Your Home

A water heater is vital for indoor comfort, especially when facing the extreme weather conditions of the winter season. As such, the market offers many heater options that provide instant hot water using various fuels. For example, you may come across an electric water heater that uses high-voltage heating rods to raise the water's temperature. Note that some electric heaters can also use electricity generated from solar, wind, and other sources. In addition, you may want an installation that comes with a tank or consider a tankless option depending on your budget. Here's more on the benefits of choosing an electric water heater.


Although heater prices vary based on size and type, electric heaters are cheaper than their gas counterparts. Moreover, they do not require upgrades before installation, unlike gas heaters that require ventilation. Besides the low upfront costs, electric water heaters have few maintenance requirements, making their operation cost-effective. This is because you don't have to worry about extra connections, maintaining pipes, or the complex distribution systems that come with a gas water heater. 


Energy efficiency is a crucial factor when purchasing your heating appliance. With that in mind, you will be pleased to know that electric units have a better energy rating than gas units. This is because they convert all the energy input into heat, which helps retain the desired temperature. On the other hand, gas heaters lose some heat through ventilation, increasing power usage. Furthermore, electric units intermittently heat water to maintain the desired temperature, minimizing energy losses. 


Electric units offer a safer installation and operation than gas units. This is due to a lack of combustion in the electric heater's operation. Consequently, electric heaters minimize the risk of fire that may occur in the case of gas leakage. Additionally, since the heaters use electricity, they eliminate the chances of gas poisoning or the risk of an explosion in case of a piping problem. That said, you must ensure expert installation and maintenance to guarantee an easy and safe operation.

Simple And Convenient

You will be pleased to know an electric water heater installation is highly convenient as it only requires an electrical connection. Thus, this results in a fast and cost-effective installation process since you don't have to worry about extra pipes or a complex distribution system. Moreover, you can integrate a solar panel into your heating appliance, reducing your heating bills. 

You will be pleased to know that electric water heaters provide a long service life when well-installed and maintained. Thus, you should schedule an appointment with a residential water heater system contractor to install an electric water heater.