Air Conditioning Units And Common Pest Issues

If you live in an environment that is prone to pests such as rodents, insects, or reptiles, these might cause damage to your AC unit. The good news is there are precautions that you can put into place to discourage animals from damaging your air conditioner. Here are four common problems pests can cause to your AC unit and how to avoid them.

1. Finding a Way Into Internal Air Ducts

While you might not want to think about pests such as rodents gaining entry to your home, this can be a common occurrence when it comes to AC air ducts. Pests can chew holes in your insulation and through venting materials which can make your AC unit ineffective and lose cooling efficiency. Rodent repellent may be in order for existing nuisances, but having an AC unit professional come and look for small entryways and block these will be needed as well.

2. Making Homes in the Exterior Condenser Unit

The exterior AC unit, known as the condenser unit, might seem like an inviting space for smaller animals such as snakes and rodents to call home. They can burrow in during the spring and fall, when this isn't being used, and cause damage with nests and droppings. To ensure animals aren't stowing away in your condenser unit, double check for any holes within the external unit and have an AC repair specialist come and fix any problem spots.

3. Side Vents and Corrosion

If the sides of your exterior AC unit are made up of venting materials, it is important to try to discourage both your own pets and other outdoor pests from marking this. Urine can attract other animals and can bring around other pests to mark this repeatedly. This can lead to discoloration and eventually rust and corrosion over time. Spray down your AC unit regularly to ward off your own pets and other animals from marking this territory.

4. Condensation from Cooling Attracting Insects

Most AC units will come with a bit of condensation, but sometimes this can pool and attract insects. If your AC unit has a condensation unit, this moisture can attract all sorts of unwanted guests. Standing water in your basement or around your condenser unit is a recipe for mosquitoes, ants, and termites, who flourish in moist areas. Professionals can redirect this water or re-calibrate settings to ward off excess moisture.

Keeping your AC unit free of pests needs to be a priority in order to keep your air conditioning running efficiently. If you cannot put your finger on an ongoing problem with your AC unit, contact A -1 Cooling & Refrigeration Inc or another AC unit specialist to take a look and help pinpoint specific issues that might be pest-related.