Why Not All Gasoline Is Created Equal

When your company looks for the best way to ensure that each truck is full, you may be tempted to allow your drivers to refuel at any gas station. However, there are some gas stations that provide fuel that is simply not at the same level of quality as fuel delivered from other providers. Your engine will be better protected with top tier fuel. The best way to have consistency is to have your gas delivered by a fleet fuel delivery service.

How Top Tier Fuel Protects Your Engines

Gasoline comes from the same source: crude oil. However, extra cleaning agents are added to the gasoline to remove impurities and to make the gasoline better for the engine. Great gasoline also has all sorts of additives, such as additives that are designed to prevent harmful deposits from forming inside the engine. The harmful deposits can foul fuel injectors and may force you to take your car to a mechanic. However, less expensive gas companies will lower the price of their fuel by either not including these additives or by using less expensive, less effective versions.

All Gasoline Essentialy Has The Same Performance

What higher quality gasoline will not do is lead to higher performance. It may prevent mechanical problems with your car down the road, but it will not cause your trucks to operate more efficiently. This is because gas stations are required by government regulations to sell only gasoline that is of a certain quality. Higher quality gas may have a small, but ultimately unnoticeable effect on engine performance. Also, modern engines are able to adjust to the variations found in fuel and will operate in a manner that maximizes performance regardless. Still, there might be a type of fuel that is ideal for your particular engine even if it can adjust to other fuels, so follow the guidelines in the owner's manual to ensure that you supply the absolute best fuel.

Fleet Fuel Delivery To The Rescue

A fleet fuel delivery service will bring high quality gas each time your drivers need it. Rather than wondering about the type of fuel a particular station will have, your trucks will always receive fuel that is the absolute best for the engine. The delivery service will provide you with information on exactly the type of fuel they will be delivering so you can determine if the fuel is what you would like inside your trucks. To learn more, contact a company like Enright and Sons