5 Factors That Can Raise Your Heating Bills

Like many other homeowners, you probably dread receiving your heating bills in the winter. Running your furnace all day throughout the winter months can definitely be expensive. However, if you change some of your daily habits, it is possible to reduce your heating bills. Here are five factors that can raise your heating bills:

Leaving Your Windows Uncovered

Plenty of warm air can escape out of your windows during the winter  season, especially if they are not insulated very well. The best way to prevent this problem is to cover your windows with plastic wrap. After you apply the plastic to your windows, seal it with a blow-dryer. Plastic wrap is inexpensive and can save you a small fortune on your energy bills.

Not Replacing Your Furnace Filters

Your furnace's filters can accumulate a lot of dirt and dust over time. When this happens, warm air can't move around as freely, decreasing your furnace's efficiency. It is very important to replace these filters at least once a month. New filters cost just a few bucks and reduce wear and tear on your heating system.

Not Having a Yearly Checkup

No matter how old your heating system is, you should have a professional heating contractor inspect it once a year. He or she will examine every little part of the system to make sure it is working efficiently. If the heating contractor finds a problem that might affect your energy bills, he or she will fix it right away.

Going Without a Space Heater

If you do not have one already, a space heater is something you definitely want to invest in for the winter. If you put a space heater in a room that you and your family gather in the most, you can turn your thermostat down a few degrees.

Using Kitchen and Bathroom Fans Too Frequently

When winter rolls around, you want to use your kitchen and bathroom fans sparingly. They might remove moisture and cooking fumes, but they will also take away the warm air in your house. Only turn on these fans when it is absolutely necessary.

Heating bills do not have to eat your entire budget. If you make these simple changes, you can lower your energy bills during the colder months. If your furnace ever makes weird noises or does not seem to be working normally, call a heating contractor, like Hartman Heating, Air and Fireplaces, as soon as possible.