3 Things You Should Be Watching For In Your Heater To Make Sure It Is Working Properly

Nearly every home has central heating in it. This is by far the best way to heat your home and keep it feeling nice throughout the winter. However, just because you had central heating put in when the house was built, doesn't mean that you are done. A heating system requires a good deal of care and maintenance. Here are some things you should be doing with your heater to make sure it stays in good condition.

1. Check The Pilot Light Color Often

One of the biggest indicators of if the heater is healthy or not is the pilot light. The pilot light will let you know if the gas levels are correct. This is why you should be checking it often to make sure that the levels are what they should be. Instead of actually measuring the levels you can do something far simpler, you just need to look at the color of the pilot light. The pilot light should always be a healthy blue color. If the light is anything but blue, if it is orange, green, red, or yellow, you have a problem. This problem should not be ignored. A discolored pilot light could indicate that the gas levels are dangerous in the house.

2. The House Isn't Heated Evenly

Another thing you should be watching for is how evenly the house is heated. For example, is one bedroom always hot, and another room, next to it, cold? If there is a significant difference in temperature from one room to the next, you have a problem. It should be noted that it normal to have a difference in temperature from one floor to the next. The basement will always be colder than the upper floor, but if you have differences in temperature from room to room, then the heater or the ducts are not working properly.

3. There Is Water Around The Heater

Lastly, pay close attention to what the heater looks like. You should be going to the utility room often not only to check the pilot light, but to check the heaters appearance. If the heater has water pooling around it, this is a problem. There many be a little condensation around the heater, this is normal because of the change in temperature, but there should never be actual water.

If you notice any of these problems, call a repairman right away. It is cheaper and better to pay for repairs that having to replace the whole system. 

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