The Different Heating Maintenance Service That Boilers And Furnaces Need Every Year

As the temperatures start to drop outside, it is time to start thinking about the heating maintenance that needs to be done to keep your home warm this year. With both boilers and furnaces, there are specific maintenance tasks that need to be done to prepare them for a long cold winter. Here are some of the different maintenance tasks that you are going to need done for boilers and furnaces:

Getting A Radiant Heating System Ready for Winter with Boiler Maintenance

If you have a radiant heating system in your home, then the boiler is going to need maintenance before you start using the heating. Some of the maintenance that needs to be done to your boiler include:

  • Check Vents and Flues—are essential to allow harmful gases to escape and they need to be checked regularly to ensure they are working properly. 
  • Look for Leaks—that can develop and cause problems with your boiler.
  • Flush Out Debris and Mineral Deposits—that accumulate inside the boiler and radiators due to hard water.
  • Test Controls—to ensure that the boiler is working properly when the heating is turned on.

It is important to do these maintenance tasks regularly with your boiler. Before winter arrives, contact a heating service and have them help with these maintenance tasks that need to be done.

Preparing Your Furnace to Change Your HVAC System from Cooling to Heating for Winter

Forced-air HVAC systems usually have a furnace instead of a boiler, which is going to require different maintenance. You want to inspect the furnace and do maintenance to the ductwork before winter arrives. Some of the heating maintenance tasks you will need done include:

  • Cleaning pilot light and flame sensor—to ensure that they are working properly and do not cause the heating to stop working.
  • Inspecting fan or blower belt—for wear that could cause the belt to break and air to not circulate through the ducts.
  • Blowing dust out of the furnace—to avoid damaging sensitive parts like the ignitor, which can be damaged if you touch it.
  • Repairing air leaks in ductwork—that cause your heating to be less efficient.
  • Adjusting dampers for heating—to change from cooling to heating your home, which needs to be done seasonally if you use forced-air for both air conditioning and heating in your home.

These are some of the different types of maintenance that heating systems are going to need before cold weather arrives. Contact heating maintenance services to help with maintenance and repairs to get your heating system ready for another cold winter.