Water Heater Safety: How to Prevent a Fire Hazard

When you think of things in your home likely to cause a fire, chances are a water heater does not typically come to mind. However, if you do not care for your water heater through proper maintenance, it can lead to a fire. Here are some things to you can do to prevent a fire caused by a water heater: 

Have Your Water Heater Checked Annually

One part of home maintenance many people do not think about is having the water heater checked. Typically, most homeowners do not think about it until there is a problem. It can be very beneficial to have the heater checked annually to make sure there are not problems that could potentially happen in the future. The technician will check the overall health of the heater while also checking to see if there are gas leaks that could cause fire.

Keep Flammable Materials Away

Another way to prevent a fire is to keep anything that is flammable away from the water heater. Do not store any flammable liquids or anything that can combust when exposed to heat. There is a pilot light in water heaters that can potentially ignite these substances.

Remove Debris

Just like flammable materials, you should never leave debris near the water heater. Water heaters need ventilation, and extra items around it can prevent it from working properly. A water heater that does not function properly can become a fire hazard.

Learn How to Turn the Water Heater Off

Have you ever turned your water heater off? Did you even know that it was possible? All homeowners should know how to do this in case there is ever an emergency such as a gas leak. If you notice the scent of gas in the air, turn the water heater off immediately so avoid a potential disaster. You can find the instructions for turning the heater off in your owner's manual.

Keep the Area Well Ventilated

The area where your water heater is housed can have an impact on its flammability. In many homes, the water heater is located in a garage. If this is the case for your home, keep the area well ventilated to prevent a fire hazard. A garage is a prime place for doing work that utilizes flammable chemicals, such as varnish or polyurethane. You may store your lawnmower in the garage, which contains gasoline. Always ensure there is a fan or some other form of ventilation to prevent a major fire.

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