Why Your Home Could Have A Sewage Backup

When your home's plumbing is working great, you do not really think much about it. However, that can all change if you end up having sewage find its way into your home. Here are some common reasons why you could have sewage problems.

Solid Materials

Many people think that if something can go down the drain that it will be fine getting into the sewer. However, flushing solid materials can cause some big problems. People often try to get away with flushing things like kitty litter, hygiene products, and paper towels. These items can eventually form a clog within your sewer line and cause everything to start backing up into your home. The only way to fix it will be to sake out the lines to get rid of what is blocking the flow of waste. 

Plumbing Defects

There can be a problem with your plumbing due to a defect with the pipes. It will be hard to diagnose as well if that pipe is underground, which will require a sewer camera to see what the problem is. You could have an issue where a pipe completely collapses due to the material being weak, or a joint become disconnected and cause the pipe to no longer be aligned. These types of problems often require excavation to reach the sewer line and make a repair. 

Tree Roots

A common problem that can cause clogs in home plumbing is tree roots. This happens when the root system of nearby tree seeks out water, and tries to find it within the sewer pipe. The roots will eventually make its way through the pipe and cause the line to become blocked. Clearing tree roots is easy with a sewer snake and knowing how to operate one, which is why you will want to bring in a plumber to deal with this problem for you. 

Main Blockage

Sometimes the problem with a sewage backup is out of your control. If your city has a sewer main that has a blockage, the water from your home will have nowhere to go. It will reach the main sewer system and then back up into your home. This can happen if there is a lot of rainfall in your area and the sewer system fills up with water. 

If you have a problem with sewage backing up into your home, reach out to a local plumbing contractor for their assistance.