3 Times You May Want An Air Conditioning Contractor To Inspect Your AC

One of the worst things you can do to your air conditioner is ignore it. An AC needs regular care and inspections so it has a long life. Avoiding regular service could cost you more later when you have to pay for repairs or replace your unit before its time. By having an inspection, you know the condition of the unit, and you can have repairs done while they are minor. Here are three times when you may want an air conditioning contractor to inspect your AC.

Before You Buy A New House

A home inspector will give the air conditioner a basic inspection, but it is not nearly as comprehensive as an inspection done by an air conditioning contractor. Since central air conditioners are expensive, you want an estimate of the expected lifespan of the HVAC system before you buy a house. An inspector can tell the age of the system and if the AC has been maintained properly or if it's been neglected. You don't want to move in only to have the AC break down the first summer if you're not prepared for the expense.

When You're Deciding Between Repair Or Replace

Another time you may want an inspection of your system is when you know it needs repairs and you're trying to decide if you should spend money on repairs or just replace the air conditioner. When your air conditioner is several years old, you may start to wonder about its longevity and when it's time to stop sinking money into repairs.

If the repair work is for something major and expensive, such as the compressor, then your decision to go with a new AC may be easier. However, if your AC is needing more frequent minor repairs, you may want the advice of a contractor about whether you should get a new AC. You can't always go by the age of your unit since an AC can often last much longer than expected if you take good care of it.

During An Annual Service Call

Annual service for your AC is important. You want the parts checked so that worn-out parts can be replaced before they start affecting the operation of your AC. Preventative maintenance saves money over time no matter what type of equipment you're dealing with, and an AC is no exception. Plus, when you have a yearly inspection, you can track the condition of your AC over time so you're able to anticipate when it will need to be replaced and you can start budgeting for the expense.