Why Is Your Air Conditioner Making A High-Pitched Noise?

Your air conditioner is an important fixture in the summer months, and it is also an appliance that you want to maintain when you are not using it as often. When you do turn on your AC, you might hear a squealing sound. This can be extremely unpleasant, and you probably have a lot of questions about how to handle this.

Here's what you need to know when your AC starts squealing.

Your AC Unit Is Overworked

Did you know that your AC unit could be trying to work too hard? If your unit is taking in too much humidity, the squealing may indicate that it is taking on a bigger load than it can realistically manage. You may need to replace your unit or invest in a dehumidifier that will help ease the workload.

Your AC Unit Needs Some Lubrication

Some AC units require lubrication to ensure that everything is moving correctly. You may need a technician to review the parts to ensure that all your parts are in good condition. Often, the need for lubrication is an indicator of a greater problem.

Older Units: Your Fan Belt Needs to Be Replaced

The fan could be the problem. Your fan's motor could be worn out or slipping thanks to belts that need to be replaced. This issue is more common in older AC units, as most modern units do not use this kind of motor anymore.

New Units: Your Motor Has Bad Bearings

Other parts of your AC motor can also become worn down. Bearings can cause a squealing sound when the motor turns on. It is important that you have your bearings replaced, as the consequences could be quite expensive if you do nothing.

Some Sounds Are Normal

The first thing you need to assess is which sounds are abnormal. Some AC sounds may sound like a low squeal or hum, and this can be normal in some cases. If you turn on your AC for the first time in months and you hear a noise, let it run until the unit is warmed up. The noise may disappear.

Hire a Residential AC Service Today

Are you ready to solve the problem? An AC repair professional can help you get through repairs and other problems your unit may be having. Even if you are sure you know what the problem is, calling a professional can shed more light on the issue so you can make the right call for repairs. Contact a residential air conditioning service near you to learn more.