Indications That Your Ac System Needs To Be Serviced

Before the start of the warmer seasons each year, a qualified technician should inspect your air conditioning system for issues and address any problems. Many systems require regular maintenance for longevity and proper functionality.

If problems with your air conditioning system have arisen since last your system tune-up, you should consider scheduling maintenance soon. Here are a few issues that indicate your air conditioning system needs to be serviced.

Loud Noises

Most modern air conditioning units perform relatively quietly when all the units' components are securely in place. However, a loose screw or blade could cause rattling noises.

When a technician checks an air conditioning unit to determine whether there are problems, they listen for noises. Certain noises may relate to specific areas of malfunction, such as the grinding sound of a faulty fan motor.

Additionally, air conditioning units may become noisier because of debris that may have entered the system. Leaves, twigs, and insects may produce strange noises as they are blown about by the airflow of the unit.

Warm or Hot Air

If your air conditioner is releasing hot air into your home, there could be a problem with the air filter. When a filter becomes heavily soiled and needs to be replaced, air cannot flow freely through the AC system. As a result, the air that the unit releases may be warmer than it should be. Additionally, the unit may lack proper amounts of refrigerant.

Unusual Odors

If your air conditioning unit is releasing a distasteful odor, it may be time to clean the coils of your condenser. Over time, these coils can be coated with dust and dirt. As the air that eventually enters your home blows across the coils, the flow may dislodge some of the debris and the smells associated with the debris' bacterial content.

Additionally, dirt may also accumulate in the ducts of the air conditioning system, polluting the air that flows through your vents. Regardless of the types of matter that have accumulated in the ducts, a technician can clear the debris to allow cleaner airflow.

Poor Outflow

If the flow of air into your living space seems sparse, the ducts or air filters may be at fault. A hole in an air duct can decrease the flow of the output due to the escape of air through the breach in the ductwork. Additionally, dirty air filters can restrict the intake of air, consequently limiting the output.

To have your air conditioning system evaluated, schedule a consultation with an air conditioner technician in your local area.