Should You Fix Your Furnace Or Call A Contractor?

If your furnace doesn't perform well when you use it, you may wonder if you should call a heating contractor to repair it. Although you can solve some minor heating issues yourself, you still want to consult a heating contractor for help. Even minor heating problems can lead to dangerous situations if you don't address them properly. Below are things you may need to consult a contractor about, even if the problems seem simple to fix. 

Stuck or Jammed Access Door Panel

Every furnace requires an access door panel for safety. The access panel keeps furnace fumes from entering a room during operation. Sometimes the door can become stuck or jammed in place. If the door doesn't open and close properly, you can access the parts inside your furnace properly.

You don't want to attempt to open the access panel door to your furnace yourself. The door may be stuck or jammed for a reason. The door's hinges may be rusted in place, or the limit switch inside the panel may be damaged. The limit switch automatically turns off your furnace if it overheats. 

A contractor can look over the panel to see if it contains any of the issues above. If the limit switch requires a replacement, a contractor can remove it and install the correct part in its place. A contractor can also clean the panel to ensure it opens and closes properly in the future.

Unlit Pilot Light 

The pilot light should create a small flame every time you light it. If your furnace's pilot light suddenly goes out or fails to ignite, it may be dirty and require a good cleaning. However, you don't want to clean the pilot light yourself. The pilot light can be easily damaged if you mishandle it.

A contractor can gently clean the pilot light on your furnace for you. A contractor will also ensure the pilot is free of old debris, such as soot and crusted-on dirt. Soot and dirt can clog up the pilot and keep it from lighting up in the future. The pilot should light up properly after the cleaning.

If the pilot light doesn't produce a flame after the cleaning, a contractor can test the thermocouple to see if there's something wrong with the part. The thermocouple is a sensor that detects the interior temperature of your furnace. The sensor will automatically turn off your furnace if it becomes too hot inside. If the thermocouple sensor doesn't function properly, a contractor can replace it. 

You can find the heating services you need for your furnace by contacting a repair technician or contractor today.