What Do You Risk By Ignoring Regular Furnace Maintenance?

A furnace is a crucial part of any home, providing warmth and comfort during the cold winter months. However, if a furnace is not properly maintained, it can pose several dangers to the home and its inhabitants. You need regular furnace maintenance to perform tasks such as cleaning, checking fuel lines, and testing the thermostat. Here are five risks to your home you can avoid with proper furnace maintenance:

1. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A faulty furnace can pose a serious risk to your health and safety. One of the most dangerous things that can go wrong with a furnace is the build-up of carbon monoxide. This odorless, colorless gas is produced whenever fuel is burned and can quickly reach lethal levels in an enclosed space. 

If you suspect that your furnace may be emitting carbon monoxide, it's important to evacuate the premises immediately and call for help. Inhaling too much carbon monoxide can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and even death. With something as dangerous as carbon monoxide poisoning, it's better to be safe than sorry. So if you have any concerns about your furnace, don't hesitate to contact a furnace maintenance technician for assistance.

2. Fire

Another serious risk posed by a furnace is the possibility of a fire. The furnace can overheat and start a fire if it is not properly maintained. This is why it's important to have regular furnace maintenance performed, as furnace technicians will be able to spot any potential problems and fix them before they cause any damage.

3. Gas Leaks

Another danger of a furnace is the possibility of gas leaks. If there is a problem with the furnace's fuel lines, it can cause natural gas to leak into the home. This poses a serious health and safety risk, as natural gas is highly flammable and can explode if it comes into contact with an ignition source. 

If you smell gas in your home, it's important to evacuate the premises immediately and call for help. Regular furnace maintenance can identify emerging problems like cracked gas lines and avoid this danger.

4. Poor Indoor Air Quality

A furnace that is not properly maintained can also cause indoor air quality problems. It will build up dust and dirt, which can circulate through the home, causing respiratory problems for the occupants.

5. Higher Energy Bills

A poorly maintained furnace will also be less efficient, resulting in higher energy bills. Furnace maintenance helps ensure that the furnace is running at peak efficiency, saving you money on your energy bills.

Regular furnace maintenance is the key to keeping your furnace safe and efficient. Most importantly, it keeps your family and home safe. Contact a furnace maintenance professional for assistance if you have any concerns about your furnace.