What Does Getting A New Heater Entail?

If you're getting a new heater installation, know what goes into the process. This is the best way to ensure the process goes smoothly and that you're providing all the necessary things to ensure an installation goes smoothly and without any error. While it's your HVAC specialist who does all the heater installation for you, there are things you can do to make the process safer, such as making sure there are no kids or pets in the way of your heating unit when it's being installed.

If you can, be home when your HVAC specialist comes to your home to put in your new heater, or have the home open and accessible if you cannot be home or you haven't moved in yet.

Here are things that go into getting a new heater so you can prepare.

An old heater is removed

Your HVAC specialist will be removing your old heater so they can make way for your new one. Make sure your old heater is clear and able to be dragged out safely. Your HVAC specialist will charge by the hour for many of their services so if they have to move furnishings and other items out of the way to get to your old heater, this not only poses a potential danger and safety hazard to the HVAC specialist, it can cost more money for you.

They can also remove the old heater from your property, or you can dispose of your heating system and its components yourself. Often, simply investing in the costs to replace an older heater is worth it.

A new heater is put in

A heater installation involves your HVAC specialist choosing and then putting in a heating system installation on your behalf. The new heater is put in via special tools and placement skills to ensure the heater has the best airflow and is safely installed. If it's the same style and size as your previous heater then it can be placed in the same or close location as the last one. If it's larger or a new style, then your heater installation may be more ornate.

Even if you aren't having an old heater installation put in to replace an older heater, it's still going to take some time and skill to put the one in. It's going to involve testing the new heater once your heating system installation is completed to ensure the thermostats, vents, and the heater itself work well. 

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