A Few Simple Hacks To Keep Your Warm And Reduce Energy Costs This Winter

With the cold winter months on their way, you will want to stay warm until spring arrives. You will probably also want to spend less staying warm. With some simple hacks like building a DIY ceramic heater or a cooking oil burner for a wood stove, you can heat your home for less, but will probably still need the furnace. Here are some heating hacks to help you stay warm and reduce energy costs and wear on your HVAC:

1. Ceramic Radiant Heaters to Heat Your Home with Candles or Oil

Ceramic or clay pots are a great material for making a radiant heater. You will need a few different size pots, a plate the size of the larger pot. The pots will need to be bolted together with the smallest outside and going down to the smallest. You can use a candle or oil lamp inside the pots to provide the radiant heat needed. This is a simple project that can be done with pots of all sizes, allowing you to use the heater anywhere; even as an outdoor heater for your patio.

2. Simple Tea Candle Heater Cover with A Tin Can to Heat Your Home

Simple tea candle covers made of tin cans are another good choice for creating heaters. This can be done by taking an empty tin can and drilling oils in it to allow air to circulate and disperse heat. Small vegetable cans are great to use for small table top heaters. If you want to make larger heaters, you can use larger cans, which can be placed on a floor or other areas. When using these devices, remember that they get very hot and are a fire hazard, so make sure they are not placed on or near materials that may catch fire.

3. Lamps, Burners and Heaters That Are Powered with Used Cooking Oil

Simple oil lamps are also a good source of heat. You can make covers that help disperse heat for them or use them as they are. Cooking oil can be a good fuel for lamps and other devices, such as a radiator or oil burning device for a stove. Used cooking oil can be an extra energy source that you use to heat your home and reduce your energy costs from using a conventional heating system.

With these few simple DIY hacks, you will be able to heat your home and use less energy. None of these are meant to take the place of a conventional heating system, so you will still want to contact a heating contractor when you need help with maintenance to your HVAC system. For more information, contact a business such as HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric.