4 Heating Problems You May Experience This Season

A heating unit provides optimum indoor conditions during the cold months to help overcome freezing temperatures. However, your unit may malfunction, causing it to break down in the middle of a chilly day. This may result in discomfort, inconveniencing your household activities. Further, you must contact a heating expert for immediate repairs. They will identify and remedy the underlying malfunction to restore unit function. The following are problems you may experience with your heating unit. 

Strange Noises

It is normal to hear relatively low sounds when your furnace is functioning. This includes rattling when your system cools down and a faint hum when burners ignite. However, your heating appliance could be defective if these sounds escalate to loud noises. For instance, you may hear screeching noises if the blower wheel deteriorates, causing metal surfaces to grind against each other. In addition, popping noises indicate faulty ductwork due to frequent temperature fluctuation and pressure imbalances. Therefore, you should hire an HVAC contractor to inspect and fix the cause of the malfunction for a less-disruptive operation.

Insufficient Heating

If you notice weak airflow from the vents, your system could be defective. This may result from filters clogging with airborne contaminants, restricting airflow. Consequently, limited air intake reduces the heating output, hence the unit not heating your space sufficiently. Alternatively, ducts can sustain damage from frequent expansion and contraction. This leads to the duct joints disengaging and leaking conditioned air. As such, you will experience hot and cold spots in your home, making it hard to attain a comfortable temperature. Finally, a faulty blower motor can impede the fan's operation, causing it to spin at low speeds and producing weak airflow.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Lightning strikes and electrical overload can cause power surges in your furnace circuitry. This leads to the circuit breaker tripping, shutting the system's operations. On the other hand, vermin can eat through the wires' insulation, causing them to contact each other. As a result, you may experience a short circuit, triggering the circuit breaker to deactivate the system. In such cases, you must schedule immediate heating repairs for the expert to install a whole-house surge protector and replace worn components for proper current flow.


Dirty filters impede airflow, hindering the system from drawing sufficient air for heating. This results in the furnace overheating, causing it to shut down and short cycle. Moreover, if you place the thermostat near heat-producing appliances, it can malfunction. Further, it may detect the temperatures on these surfaces as room temperatures, causing the unit to cycle on and off. Therefore, you should engage a heating repair expert to clean your filters and position your thermostat in a suitable location for proper indoor climate control.

Remember, you will experience heating problems when you fail to service your system. Therefore, you should hire a heating contractor for maintenance checks to ensure your unit offers peak efficiency.

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